Weight loss

Eish yall before I come spewing lies here of eating right n exercising let me just tell yall now that I have no idea how I’m losing weight.

Probably not eating enough, probably stressed or the gods have finally decided to give me my dream bod lol

I really want to help people that ask me how I lost the weight, but I can only do that if I knew how I did it. Everyday I get on the scale n I’m like “please be the same please be the same” …
The weight is coming off slowly which I like but what’s freaking me out is that it’s coming off without me doing anything. In one month I can lose 1-2 kgs.

Now I’m just thinking  of toning up, not to focused on how much I weigh right now.
I happen to be one of those people that have a gym membership but doesn’t go lol. I got it last year January and only went for like one month.
I don’t want to lie to myself and say I will go back. I’m not a gym person. I wanna get a programme I can do at home. Simple things.

Will update yall  on how that goes in due time. Right now it’s just in the conceptualization stage.


Hope u have a great Wednesday.

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