End of Book 5

Once again in my life I have reached a point where I have closed another book of my life. Most people like to say ur ending a chapter but I feel like I have just finished a book.
An entire book filled with drama, pain, anger, traumatic experiences and love. Now aren’t those all the element of a good read. That’s why I can not say I’m opening a new chapter, NO… I am on the first page of the latest release of my life long book series.

Now when opening a new book there are so many possibilities. It could be exciting or it could be a straight bore but it’s a new book and with the wisdom u have learned from your previous experience you can now control the outcome of some situations.
It’s your book remember, you are the author of this novel.

Just make sure to have fun, live a little, make smart decisions, make stupid one, laugh, joke and love. It’s the first page of a new book … enjoy it.


I hope yall are having a blessed Sunday
Lovies you all

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