I am so tired of how the world has made a certain criteria for us woman to follow.

We are suppose to be quiet, not stand up for our self and get called names for being sexual beings.
It’s not hard being a woman but it becomes so much harder when everyone tells u that your wrong.

With the whole Kim K debacle I have been trying to hold back and not say anything but now I can’t.  Let her be … she is a woman comfortable in her own skin and I aspire to feel the same about myself.

Woman have been sexualized that we can’t even take a sexy picture and not be prosecuted. Men are shirtless everyday … In the street, at the store but God forbid I go somewhere showing my navel and I become the talk of the town.

And what bothers me this most is that it is other woman making us feel like this. Are we not suppose to support each other and encourage each other? Like what the hell … With things like this happening I am ashamed to be female cause how can we not support each other. We constantly just hating on each other.


Maybe tour uncomfortable in ur own skin and now want others to feel the same.

Don’t be so petty and encourage one another … We are suppose to be a team Ladies.

Have a great Saturday
Lovies you all


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