Its Your Life

Have u ever tried being someone that is just not you???
Always trying to make everyone else happy but yourself???
Always wondering what will disappoint them and what will upset them??
Constantly trying to please the unpleaseable.

Thats what I feel like now and then. I always feel like i am trying to make others happy and thus putting my own happiness in the back seat. Always concentrating on others while they are just focused on themselves.
All its done is make me not recognise the person in the mirror. Finding myself is the hard part but its all part of the journey.
Need to stop caring what others think and be more focused with what I think.

You can never make everyone happy, somewhere your gonna fall short ,Cause their expectations of you are just ridiculous. Goals that u cant reach cause frankly you dont have a passion for it.

Be you … whether it makes them happy or not. Just be you.  At the end of the day its your life  and you should live it the way you want to.


Lovies you all
Happy Wednesday


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