Black, Single and Living in Windhoek

So I wanna start a new series, and take you guys a little deeper into my life. First of all I’m Black … lol which is a bit obvious.  Single … by choice which is something people don’t really understand. And living in the capital city of Namibia, Windhoek.

I feel in Windhoek there is so much pressure on us women to be in some sort of relationship. Coming from a Wambu upbringing I’m at the phase where I should be getting married or in a serious long term relationship now. My aunts always tell me that I finished high school, I  got my degree, I got a job now all thats left is getting married.

Hmmm … I personally don’t like the sound of that. Why does it have to be in that order? I feel like I am being forced into a relationship cause its the next step.
I have become somewhat of a rebel  lately. Feel like I had to always be perfect when I was younger. Get good grades, be the person that ur parents always compared you to. I could not make mistakes. Now I am at a point where I am making mistakes left, right and centre and I love it.

People think cause ur not in a relationship that something is wrong with you, well nothing is wrong with me. I am in no rush to be in a relationship. I am not going to be in one cause it’s  what everyone else is doing or cause its apparently the next step in life.

I am on a path of self-discovery. I wanna know myself better before I get another poor soul involved. I am fine with being single me!

Sorry for the long wait. Been having some serious writer’s block.  But I hope u enjoy this one.

Loving myself

Have an awesome week.
Lovies you all
Muahz 👄


3 thoughts on “Black, Single and Living in Windhoek

  1. you are beautiful love, just need to rush anything…people need to mind their business, if you choose to be single then that’s your right. take care of yourself, and love yourself and when that right guy comes along then you will someone to share your happiness with 🙂

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