Black, Single and Living in Windhoek: Dating

Dating is the most misunderstood concept in Namibia. Dating is the process of casually seeing someone or someones and getting to know them. It consists of meeting each other and doing activities that will help you get to know someone before u decide on getting into a relationship with this person.


Here I have noticed that  dating is the relationship. 
Hold up … so it means that if i say yes to dating you, we are in a relationship. Crazy right …

That’s not how its suppose to be. What I’m saying yes to is getting to know you n giving u a chance. When enough time has lapsed then we decide on being in a relationship or not due to compatibility.

Due to this misunderstanding I think I have been in many “relationships “.  I always wondered why guys caught feelings so quickly. It’s cause they were already in a relationship with me while I was still trying to get to know them. Then when I called it quits due to the fact that nigga already talking about our first born child’s name, I ask myself did I miss something.

I am a commitment-phobe. I fear relationships cause I don’t  think I have ever seen a successful relationship while growing up. Somewhere along the line shit hit the fan lol. So as soon as someone starts saying stuff like “I need you in my life” in the first date, I bounce.

Things would be a lot easier if the process of dating was understood by many, cause right now I’m coming of as a really mean person cause people think we are in a relationship.


Oh well it is what it is.
Hope yall had a great weekend
Lovies you all


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