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Rehabilitated Hair Junkie

Mane on fleek

So when I first started out I was a serious hair junkie. I bought a lot of hair products and tried out things that were just a waste of my money. My budget was sky high for my hair and I later reached this point where I am at now.

I use to just try everything, even though I found the best product for my hair, I still  felt like there was something better out there and I had to find it.

Back then people would ask me what products I used and it changed so much that I would forget what I was using. I still do try out some here n there but I feel that I do have staples that I will not change.

These are the products I use

Those are the only products I use on my hair. Its still a lot but I feel its enough. I dont add new products or change products for seasons. I use those throughout the year all I change is my technique.

My hair is doing really well so I feel like I have finally found the secret to taking care or my mane.

If its ur wash day too good luck
Have a blessed Sunday my loves


7 thoughts on “Rehabilitated Hair Junkie

  1. I agree, becoming a product junkie is just too easy. A few days ago I noticed I was getting too close too product junkism. The curiosity was just too much but after purchasing a few useless products I stopped and went back to my essentials.

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