Black, Single and Living in Windhoek: Interracial dating

Lately i have been thinking of dipping my foot into a different pool. Trying something different and possibly exciting. Like dating a person from another race.

I feel we are programmed to stay within our own race or our own tribe. I tend to think I have been brainwashed to only date wambu (tribe) men.

It is truly an old notion for one to stay within their own tribe. In this new era everyone is looking for something new and exciting. But when u speak to the elders about this they tell u its hard to still keep the culture when there are two different backgrounds. What are u gonna teach ur child? Who’s culture is more important? You are gonna reproduce a generation that doesn’t  know about their ancestors.
What wrong with teaching the child both cultures? It ain’t gonna hurt no body.

Today interracial dating is becoming a normal thing. I see it everywhere. At work, with my friends and even on tv. People are blending and becoming one. Soon we are all gonna be beige. Still thinking about it, its not like I’m going out hunting for a different race lol just don’t  mind it.


Tell me what are your thoughts on it, would really love to hear another opinion.

Hope u have a great evening and enjoy the beginning of a new week.
Lovies you all


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