Age Is Just A Number

I have been hearing this saying from everyone I work with that age is nothing but a number but I have yet to get over it.

In high school u wouldn’t be caught dead dating someone younger than u. It was always girls date a guy older or in a higher grade. It was a huge deal then but now as adults what use to be a huge deal then doesnt matter now.
More and more women are dating younger guys and we all seem to be fine with it. I am still a little skeptical about the topic, cause I was told that men mature at a later age. So to be with a man with the same maturity level as I am I would have to go older since we woman mature faster than men. 
What if u find the rare bread of a guy younger than u but is more mature than u. Isnt that why we date younger cause they are far more mature than the guys their age or our age as a matter of fact? 
Hmmm its just something I have been thinking about lately. Want to hear from your side what u think.
Sorry I have been MIA




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