Judging a Book by its Cover!

There is something that bothers me everytime I am introduced to a new environment. It even gives me anxiety cause I can not begin to understand why people immediately judge me.
I get judged for the way I talk, my interests, where I went to school, who my parents are and many more. And instantly they perceive me to be a snob or a spoiled brat which is not even the case.

For those that have taken the time to get to know me before drawing up their own conclusions, I  thank u and appreciate you for giving me the chance to show u who I am.

I have been through a lot of things in my life that I will not get into, that could’ve really altered my personality for the worst. There are things I talk about and there are things I don’t mention because I’m not fighting for you to like me.

I know that not everyone is gonna like u, like jeez there is some people I myself don’t like. I’m just saying get to know someone than just assuming.

Sorry for being quiet 

hope yall are good





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