Growth challenge YAY.

So we are doing a GIVE AWAY !!! Yes gurrl (or boy) we have reached that level. Lol 
And when I say we I mean Iyaloo and I.  Remember  her … she did a feature on me. We decided to team up and do a hair challenge together.

Whoop whoop we have definitely reached that level.

We want to challenge all the naturalistas to see how much growth they can get in the next 3 months. We will be joining you but since we are the hosts, we don’t win any hair goodies. Sad huh

So here is what you can do to win:

To enter you need to submit a picture of ur hair now, with ur name and date captioned on the picture to the following email:  

After three months u will enter ur final results.

Simple right. Yes very simple to get yourself a free hair hamper.

Due date for submissions is the 15th September 2016. If u submit after that sorry u will not be considered.

The final due date for the contestants will be the 15th December 2016. Winner will be announced on the 20th December 2016.

Sorry to all our international followers, this is subject to Namibians Only. Our next one is gonna be worldwide. Don’t worry you will get ur chance too.

How will we help u win … well weekly we will give tips on hair growth n what stimulates it. I grew almost 3inchs of hair in my previous growth challenge and I feel we all can.

Hope you are just as excited as I am.

Stay tuned though, more exciting things coming from Iyaloo and I. I wish I  could tell u guys everything but my lips are sealed. 



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