Growth Challeng 2016: Tip #1

 So I am honoured to start of our first post with regards to the growth challenge.

My tip to all naturals is to moisturize your hair. Natural hair is extremely dry. I have said this before and live by this motto “you fix the dryness you fix everything”.

Moisture does not only mean adding moisturisers,lotions, hair food or whatever you use, if you put those things on dry hair all u are doing is sealing in the drying. Moisture means adding water to ur hair. Think of ur hair as a plant, it needs water to grow..

I personally have a spritz bottle filled with 2tbls of conditioner, 1tbls coconut oil and 1 tbls castor oil and the rest water. I spritz this concoction on my hair every morning before I go to work. I sometimes do it at night too but thats a maybe cause I’m lazy.
Quick update on my hair:

My hair grew quite a bit and I must say I owe it all to protective styling. Gonna keep that up for the next few months.

My hair is getting there😀😀😀

Iyaloo your next lol hehehe … 
Collabo with please tune into both our blogs for more.


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