Hair on FLEEK…

I don’t know why … maybe it the warmer months or whatever but I am loving my hair these days. 
I can do so much more with it and for hitting my two year mark in June, I feel length wise my hair is growing at the right rate. It grows faster in protective styling but I haven’t been doing much of that this year. Only starting now.

I was in protective styling for about 3 weeks. I couldn’t go longer, my roots were looking hella ratchet yall. I know some of u stay in protective styling for like 8 weeks. I applaud you all for that but I can’t.

Get asked all the time what products I use n I was like let me show u guys again. Nothing has really changed. There goes my junkie days.

People always ask what products I use … here they are

These are the products I use for my hair. I still use tresseme conditioners, tresseme heat protectant, coconut oil, castor oil, argon oil, dark n lovely hair mask, dark n lovely moisturizing lotion, olive oil leave in conditioner… same old same old

The new additions are bentonite powder. Defined my curls as seen in the pic below. Love that stuff. Also an edge control but have no idea what brand it is, took it from my mum and I ripped the label off lol sorry.

Bentonite Hair and Face Mask

Just felt like I should a update of my hair and how its doing. My regimen has changed though but thats another days post. 

Hope this helps.





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