Welcome Back to Me …

So I really haven’t been blogging for a while. Been preoccupied with Facebook I feel. Got a facebook page and stuff like that which made me neglect my first born WordPress.

But now I am back. I am back for good. 

Deactivated my Facebook account. Find that place toxic. I would sometimes be slidding through posts and just getting angry for no reason. So I’m like let me get that negativity out of my life.


On to new things I have installed. I am redecoratingmy flat. So I am super excited about that. Have a theme and concept, can’t wait to materialise it. Took so many illegal photos, glad I didnt get chased out of the stores. Also Pinterest has been a major help.

My apartment is super small but very cosy, just still don’t feel like its my place yet if that makes sense.

Can’t wait to show u guys pictures.

Sorry I have been away so long, will not do it again.

Below are my illegal photos I took so u know which direction I’m going in with decorating.

This is the colour palette and what I would love for my bedroom

Love the idea of laterns. I love these cause u can put them like on a coffee table or in some corner somewhere

These laterns were on sale. Not sure if I like them or I’m intrigued by the sale

Need to bring in some colour. To break the colour scheme

Zoom in … they are wall candle holding things.

Your input will be appreciated. Let me know what you think.





2 thoughts on “Welcome Back to Me …

  1. ms_iyaloo says:

    So excited to see the final results. I plan on redecorating my place soon as well (Nov-Jan). Ill try do a before and after post 😉

    Glad to have you back.

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