Ok I’m Done Eating CRAP now …

So yep its that time again to get fit. Gained so much weight on my holiday. … was pretty much “get in my belly” to everything and anything. I loved it lol have no regrets. BUT now its time to get back to my beast mode.

Skinny has never been my goal being happy with what I see in the mirror is what I want. I like being thick … just wanna be toned.

I’m truly lucky I don’t have a belly YAY to being pear shaped but my thighs though … need to get that ish toned ASAP.

I always feel motivated when I post my progress. Its like yall are rooting for me n I don’t want to disappoint yall. Every Sunday I will post my progress for the week and try explain what I did if I can … sometimes I have no idea how I did it but it worked.

Truly excited. If you also in the same boat as me lets really help each other in reaching our goals.

Have a blessed Sunday 





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