Look … Pass My Chin 

Yay … I took out my protective styling and suprise, suprise my hair is pass my chin.

I feel so accomplished and motivated to go back into more protective styling. my hair is really thriving. No manipulation, No dry hair, No knots and split ends. I am thinking that I am gonna extend my challenge for a little longer.

My hair has grown so much in the pass two months. Plus not being able to see it, I dont get tempted to cut/trim. I trim a lot when my hair is out. obsessed with the scissor . 

My go-to protective style at the moment is crochet. It is super fast and easy to remove. I really can’t sit all day for braids anymore, even though they are still the best.

My crochet lasts about a 3 weeks. It can be longer but I don’t like how my hair looks in the final week so I remove, spend a week with my hair then back into a style.

Marley Braids – Vixen Style

Versatility of the Marley Braids

Soft Dreds

Soft Dreds all in a Bun

There are some pictures of my crochet and how versatile it is. I could bun it up … wear it loose … to the side and so many other ways. I  loved it. One was with Marley Braids, I loved it but it also required a lot of maintenance. The other is a hairpiece called Soft Dreds  and they were soft and bouncy. Truly enjoyed these two styles.

Not sure what I am doing next but my gurl Rose and I have something cooking. Watch this space.

Will be posting an updated wash day routine soon.





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