Wash n Go – MiniMarley’s Method 

So I recently did a bomb wash n go that I am super happy with. Only thing I hate about is the shrinkage.

I did a wash n go using MiniMarley on YouTube method. I have tried so many methods and they were just not working out well. Either my hair was too crunchy, to much frizz or no curl definition, just my hair clumping up together . 

But now I found the holy grail in wash n go methods.

So this is what I did. Co-washed my hair as normal, deep conditioned, detangled my hair and then washed for the last time. Covered my hair with a t-shirt and moved on.

I then sectioned off my hair into 4 sections which I subdivided into 2 sections to get maximum definition.

I proceeded to LOC my hair and then drenched it in water. Took a handful of gel and with the prayers hand method applied it to my hair. raked my fingers through and separated curls that were clumped up together. When ur done, removed excess product so that your hair dries faster. Now you repeat this on all sections.

When ur done style ur hair how u want it to lay when dry. I used bobbin pins and then shake ur head.

I feel I need to make a video so yall understand what I just did … what do u think????


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