Wash n Go … Super Defined

Pre-poo with an oil mixture I made myself… whoop whoop

Washing my hair lately has become quite fun and easier. My hair works well in sections and I get through it pretty quick without any tangles

These are the products that I used to achieve an amazing wash n go

With about 2 years of experience with my own natural hair I have come to realize when my hair loves a product and when it doesn’t. 

Something new that just aspired is that coconut oil does not work for my hair anymore. Instead of being absorbed into the hair  cuticle it just sits on top of my hair. So before I buy another 1 litre tub of coconut oil let me explore other oils.

Castor oil has been doing wonders but it always has.

 For my wash n go I wash my hair normal


Deep condition 



My regimen is pretty simple. I still feel that natural hair is not suppose to be so complicated as everyone is making it seem.

Washed my hair in sections and then dried it with a microfiber towel

Now comes the part that truly defines my wash n go. I think I tried the shingling method and prayer hands not really sure.

Shingling and prayer hands method

After I was done with this my hair was super shrunken lol … I got so upset cause its hiding my true length but when it dried I did love the tappered look it gave off. I let my hair air dry. I only use heat to stretch cause I don’t feel the banding method stretches my hair enough.

FYI I  use heat to stretch my hair all the time. I have not got any heat damage till this day, also I do not use heat on a high setting.

Shrinkage 😣

I loved the tappered look…
I had to stretch out my hair. I always wear it stretched out. Can’t wait for the day where shrinkage won’t bother me as much as it does now.

But I definitely had to stretch this baby out

Stay tuned for more tips 

Also preparing a surprise for yall real soon

Have a awesome day my lovies




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