4kgs Lighter πŸ˜‰

Ola my lovies …

So a couple of months ago I decide to get back on the fitness journey thang. Was trying it on my own from the beginning of November. Failed for about 2 months and only got the hang of things now due to perseverance,consistency and a little help. You are literally the only person blocking yourself from change, don’t you dare blame anyone but yourself (tough love). If you want it work for it.

So round about end of December I was fed up, I wanted change but I actually wanted to do it on my own and didn’t want anyone to know. Biggest mistake actually, lol I gained weight on my own.

So what I did was hola at my girl Jessi, who for all purposes has become my P/T (personal trainer), and this girl is all the way in Cape Town and she helped me lose weight so you really know she good.

She hooks you up with a eating plan, work out plan and also is your buddy so you can tell her everything when u feel u are about to relapse. I got the whole deal or maybe its perks since she my friend.

Check out her YouTube yall she is a freaking beast. Jessi Claire aka PeachFit and follow her on instagram PeachFit . Gurl eats, sleeps and lives at the gym lol.

4kgs gone in less than a month. No fad diets, no funny restrictions, no eating few calories, 4kgs gone doing the right thing.

Now I challenge you to do the same. Don’t be one of those resolution’ers that give up in the first 2 months. If its ur goal come let’s do it together, I will be ur buddy if u need me.

See yall in the next post. I have fitness goals this year, watch my transformation with me

Its Friday trick (light twerk) YAY

Lovies you all





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