Pescy Pescaterian 

Wow … so its almost a month since I last updated yall. Where to begin … lets start from January.

In January I was in a 21 day vegan diet, which meant I couldn’t eat anything that was produced or made possible by an animal. So that meant no steak, no roasted chicken, no milk, no eggs and even no honey. Yep all that was elimimated from my diet. All I could eat and get full on was fruits and veggies.

Exciting huh. During those 21 days I reached some sort of an epiphany which led me to my current choice in consumption. Being a Pescaterian. Pescatarian means you are pretty much a vegetarian that eats fish (seafood), not as drastic as veganism is, we can eat eggs and dairy products which is called lacto-ovo-pescatarian, isn’t that a mouthful lol.

So was it hard changing you ask lol? 

No not at all. I went straight from the 21 day veganism into pescatarianism. I was already use to not eating meat and chicken so was like bleh. The real test came when I went to functions and they cater to the meat eaters. Well u get by, you just need good willpower.

So if yall decide that u want to invite me over for dinner just know I am not a meat eater and that I will be happy with a plate of just veggies lol no need to make me my own fish or anything or better yet you can join me lol kidding. 

Hope u enjoy this post. Another coming soon

Love yall





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