The life of being M.I.A

So I  haven’t really been on the social media band wagon for some time now. Think I just want to be off the grid for a bit … OK … 6 months and not posting anything is really “off the grid” in social media terms but I think it is needed.

With social media you get consumed with showing the world what an absolute ball your having drinking coffee, going out with friends or simply at home in pj’s with your cat (<<<—-Me😊). It becomes somewhat off an obsession to show people that your living life but are you ok? Are you emotionally stable? Is this increasing or decreasing your self esteem?

Studies have shown the negative impact of social media on a person’s psyche. With not enough “likes” on instagram or anywhere else could means you are not liked or do not fit in, that your not part of the “cool kids” and with our need to belong this can be very damaging.

Don’t  get me wrong, I am definitely not saying u should delete all your accounts, stop posting moment in ur life that you enjoy. All I am saying is evaluate yourself first, because today’s bullys are not the ones that beat u up in the hallways, they are the cyberbullys that are out for you. Something as simple as not getting enough “likes” can be damaging to someone that is not stable.

I know I have been MIA, then I come back talking serious ish but this is something thay has been pressing on my heart.


I apologise for the long break, I am back now and since life got a bit hectic, need to schedule in my blogging now. Oh yhe joys of being an adult.

See yall in the next post




4 thoughts on “The life of being M.I.A

  1. Allythejedi says:

    Recently went on a social media hiatus too. It ends tomorrow (communication without whatsapp is a bit difficult) and I won’t lie. I felt lighter happier and carefree. For me it’s not so much a thing of insecurity or showing off but rather I was caught between feeling free to express myself and these “rules” in place of “don’t post your happiness there’s a 🙄 hater” generally just be careful because you never know how your own posts can be used against you in the future. 🤔

    • hermajestym says:

      I totally get what your saying. Its different for everyone. Small things affect a persons psyche and since we are all different we all have different stimuli that trigger a negative affect on us. Like how you said u felt conflicted on what you could n could not post. All these things play a role.

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