Goodbye 2017

As I say goodbye to this year I need to first thank 2017 for what it has taught me.
This year has been a year of total self-discovery. I learned not to be taken advantage of. I come off as a tough cookie but deep down inside I am a soft ball of mush that is always there for everyone. Not that I have become heartless or anything but I have learned to put myself first.

I finally discovered which direction my life is going in and I am truly happy that God revealed this to me. Was super upset with Him that I didn’t know my purpose but he revealed this year when I was ready to receive it. Sometimes we are not ready and God patiently waits until we are.

I also came to find out that true friends are really hard to come by. Sometimes it talks like a friend, walks and moves like a friend but its not. I use to always be afraid of people not liking me but right now I do not mind it at all. You do not need to change yourself so that people will stay.

I have learned to stand up for myself and what I believe in. I will not let anyone take the wheel with my life besides the creator Himself.

It has just been a year where I learned so much about myself that I feel I have come out on top. Comparing it to 2016, that year destroyed me, 2017 I came out on top. 2018 looks promising and this being a first, I am super excited for it that I can’t contain myself.

I hope this year has been a life lesson for all of you and I wish you all a year filled with blessing for 2018.
I love all the support yall have given me, even though I haven’t been consistent with posting.

Thank you and Happy New Year
Love you


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