4kgs Lighter 😉

Ola my lovies ... So a couple of months ago I decide to get back on the fitness journey thang. Was trying it on my own from the beginning of November. Failed for about 2 months and only got the hang of things now due to perseverance,consistency and a little help. You are literally the … Continue reading 4kgs Lighter 😉


Weight loss

Eish yall before I come spewing lies here of eating right n exercising let me just tell yall now that I have no idea how I'm losing weight. Probably not eating enough, probably stressed or the gods have finally decided to give me my dream bod lol I really want to help people that ask … Continue reading Weight loss


Have been meaning to write a post on my weightloss journey but honestly I just had nothing to say about it. Not that it is going bad or anything. Its just that I have been back and forth, back and forth with this weightloss thing and not really getting anything in return. I have been … Continue reading WEIGH IN 😦