So I am trying out writing …

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Its Your Life

Have u ever tried being someone that is just not you??? Always trying to make everyone else happy but yourself??? Always wondering what will disappoint them and what will upset them?? Constantly trying to please the unpleaseable. Thats what I feel like now and then. I always feel like i am trying to make others … Continue reading Its Your Life

Ooo you don’t like my hair…

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Queen Ombaba writes...

You don’t like my hair in its natural state? You think I look too peasantry, yes? I’m too pretty for my hair to look like this?  You compare my natural, freshly washed, shaped hair to your oily, nasty, and dirty hair.

Ooo, you don’t like my hair. You don’t like my ability to express my Afrocentric features. You don’t like how I can be happy with something you’ve been taught to hate. You don’t like that I don’t feel the pressure to look like you with your thinning crown and dusty tresses.

So you don’t like my hair? You don’t like my statement of pride for my heritage and cultures. You don’t like my difference. Because before I took out my long single braids, we were the same, huh? In your eyes, we were both trying to make ourselves into acceptable versions.  In your own twisted mind, I needed to be like you in some way…

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Can A Cheat Meal Once A Week Actually Help Stimulate Weight Loss?

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Weight loss is different for everyone, especially for women. In fact, men and women differ altogether when it comes to how they should eat and what exercises they should perform for great fitness gains. You’ve probably heard all the hype about your nutritional needs and how you can incorporate a cheat meal into your fitness regimen. We, at Ironbuttz do recommend you shouldn’t deprive yourself week after week. Actually, we believe if you cut everything bad from your diet for too long, you can actually reach a stalemate. This is known as that dislikable “plateau”.

A cheat meal can actually spark your metabolism and encourage it to burn more fat! Seriously, who says you have to continuously eat the same things to lose those pounds? Have you considered this style might actually be what is slowing down your progress to begin with? The fact is much of the information…

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How to NOT obsess about your hair length


hair length

Stop nagging your hair and stressing that it isn’t long enough. Forget about length, focus on health instead. That’s the mantra I go by, especially since I did (yet another) big chop in fall 2012. Since then, I find that focusing more on health instead of length is actually more fun and attainable—and everything else (length) falls into place after that.

I’m probably the last person who should be writing a blog post about how to not obsess about your hair length because I don’t care much for long hair, I never did. I can chop two or more inches off my hair without blinking (to me, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back). I wasn’t always smart about REALLY taking care of my hair either. If you read the My NaPpY Roots section of this blog, you’d know that I’ve had my share of “the big chop”. It isn’t that…

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Why I Don’t Care What Men Think About My Natural Hair

Young Fabulous & Natural

Before I decided to go natural, I had the average stragely shoulder length permed hair and, since it wasn’t nappy, it was passable with men at the very least. When I decided to go natural, I transitioned for about 4 months before deciding to big chop and I had about 2-3 inches of kinky, nappy hair that I had no clue how to take care of. During my transition, a friend I had a “friend” that gave me a snippet of advice, unsolicited advice:

“Are you sure you want to go natural? You will have to dress different and change the kind of men you date. The kind of men you go for don’t like that Afro-centric shit”.

So, I can only date the Maxwell types then, right?

Turned out that after I cut my hair, my confidence and love for my hair made my big chop, that was already…

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