Welcome Back to Me …

So I really haven't been blogging for a while. Been preoccupied with Facebook I feel. Got a facebook page and stuff like that which made me neglect my first born WordPress. But now I am back. I am back for good.  Deactivated my Facebook account. Find that place toxic. I would sometimes be slidding through … Continue reading Welcome Back to Me …


Hair on FLEEK…

I don't know why ... maybe it the warmer months or whatever but I am loving my hair these days.  I can do so much more with it and for hitting my two year mark in June, I feel length wise my hair is growing at the right rate. It grows faster in protective styling … Continue reading Hair on FLEEK…

Feature… whoop whoop

You know you have reached some sort of status when u get a feature. .. (flip imaginary hair)

Please visit liveinwhatyoulove.WordPress.com and see my feature and also check ouy my new gal pal’s blog. And keep in mind that the two of us are cooking up some ish.

Stay tuned


Live in what you love!

Hello lovelies,

I’m so excited for my next feature, mainly because this lady has absolutely gorgeous hair, and she is a fellow Namibian blogger (we have very few bloggers this side). Her curl pattern is popping and I’ve learnt through her interview that she has a bubbly personality. Well let me say no more, read more of her journey below.

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Its Your Life

Have u ever tried being someone that is just not you??? Always trying to make everyone else happy but yourself??? Always wondering what will disappoint them and what will upset them?? Constantly trying to please the unpleaseable. Thats what I feel like now and then. I always feel like i am trying to make others … Continue reading Its Your Life

Easy Way Out

So I saw this quote on Facebook and it kinda hit home. Not only is it for relationships also for friendships and other ships that are out there. A Psychologist once said that every relationship is fixable if both parties are on the same page and want to fix it. Things normally end when one … Continue reading Easy Way Out